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  • Don’t forget this one important thing on this Independence Day Light up the charcoal, throw on your swim trunks, crack a cold brew or seltzer. Maybe even set up those bottle rockets if you’re below the legal limit. It’s Independence Day—enjoy it. Is it cliche to request that you also take a moment to remember what Independence Day is all about? To ask you to […]

  • Do you TRUST your Payment Processor with your money and your reputation? The most common question we hear when speaking to a potential new client is, “What is your rate?” the savings is what they focus on.  What good is the savings if you are not receiving your transaction deposits?  When it comes to your money, you need a payment partner you can trust.  Do you have […]

  • Delawareans cook up culinary careers with new apprenticeship programs The restaurant industry is the second-largest private-sector employer in the United States, according to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), and there are 13 million restaurant and foodservice employees nationwide. According to the Delaware Restaurant Association (DRA), the restaurant industry is Delaware’s largest tourism component, top small business employer and fourth-largest employer overall. With […]

  • 8 steps to a persuasive brand messaging map It happens! You started your business or organization without carefully documenting all the essential elements of your brand story. You’ve tweaked words here and there over the years. But deep down, you know you haven’t nailed your brand message.  The good news: It’s never too late to create a brand messaging map. The document should […]

  • Homegrown venture capital analyst says Delaware is a fertile field for entrepreneurs According to WalletHub, Delaware offers the #5 Best Innovative Environment in the United States and is the #8 Most Innovative State. And Delaware clearly believes in its innovators – it’s also the #1 state for Venture Capital Spending Per Capita. Homegrown venture capital advisor Pedro Moore got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he spent […]

  • An easy e-commerce solution for small business Cash flow has become a critical component to doing business in the new economy. During Covid we saw an increase in contactless payment methods to ensure the safety of patrons and merchants alike. Many businesses had to scramble for new terminals that offered tap-to-pay as a contactless way to do business and keep the money […]

  • Delaware Small Businesses Resume Global Travel Boosting Export Sales After two years grounded in the US due to the pandemic, Export Delaware is ready to travel the world again! We’ve got an aggressive travel schedule planned for Delaware small businesses that are ready to expand their exports around the world. So far we’ve traveled to Dubai (March 2022) and are headed to South Africa, […]

  • 4 Steps to Elevate Your Marketing and Reel in Results  Marketing evolved at an unprecedented speed during the pandemic. Technology created a massive digital transformation. Messaging shifted to emphasize authenticity and human connection.  Yet by focusing on what’s most important to connect with customers and improve their experience, we create better results. These cost-effective strategies will help lift your marketing:    1. Refine your promise […]

  • Why Your Small Business Should Take the Long View on Inflation  When you hear and read about inflation, the attention is typically placed on inflation’s impact on the cost for consumer goods, and for good reason. High inflation hits people where it hurts most—their wallets. But small business owners and operators must deal with inflation’s impacts as well, and as it continues to be a major […]

  • Are you Confident with your Video Conferencing System? When establishing business relationships and attracting new talent, the technological competence of your video conferencing system is imperative. Your organization’s video conferencing system can either bolster your team’s confidence or become a source of frustration. When analyzing whether your current video conferencing system is helping you make a good impression, ask yourself the following questions: […]

  • Delaware Prosperity Partnership

  • Maria Antonelli
    Division Director, Account Services
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Jonathan Arena
    President & Founder
    White Clay Technology
  • Duncan Bachen
    VP of Architecture and Security Services
    Diamond Technologies
  • Greg Ballance
    Diamond Technologies
  • Sarah Bear
    Director of Prevention
    Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Matt Beardwood
    Director of Wealth Management
    Westover Capital
  • Paul Bechly
    First Vice President
    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Mary Kate Benson
    Director of Volunteer Services
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware
  • Erin Booker, LPC
    Vice President Community Health and Engagement
    Christiana Care Health System
  • John Boykin, CIC, PWCA
    President & CEO
  • Sheila Bravo
    President & CEO
    Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement
  • David Brond
    Vice President/Director of Account Services
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Bob Carpenter
    Hockessin Athletic Club
  • Maria Clyde, PHR, SHRM-SCP
    Director of Human Resources
  • Andrew Cottone
    President and CEO
    Adesis Inc.
  • James DeHoniesto
    Director of Business Tech Optimization
    SSD Technology Patners
  • Lisa Detwiler
    SSD Technology Partners
  • Joe DiGiovanni
  • Chris Dohl
    Vice President of Sales
    The Alias Group
  • Kemmet Dominguez

  • Marisa Facciolo
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Annual Fund for Kids
  • Heather Farley, MD, MHCDS, FACEP
    Chief Wellness Officer
    Christiana Care Health System
  • Joanna Ford
    Director of Public Relations and Social Media
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Aiste Foreman
    Trabeona Travels LLC
  • Mark Fravel

  • Jim Garrity
    Chief Operating Officer
    Diamond Technologies
  • Madison Gerdts
    Supervisor & CPA Candidate
    Whisman Giordano
  • Joe Giordano
    Whisman Giordano
  • Toby Guinn Sr.

  • James E. Hall Jr.
    Affinity Wealth Management
  • Mark Hoffmann
    Commercial Lines Marketing Manager
    Lyons Companies
  • Tim Hrinak
    Head Security Technician
    Assurance Media
  • Sarah Hutton
    Director of Mike's T.E.A.M.
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware
  • Shawn Kessler
    Managing Director—Recruitment
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Ayanna Khan
    President & CEO
    Khan Consulting LLC
  • Roger Kirtley
    Vice President
    Safeguard Group
  • George Krupanski
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware
  • Michael Kullman
    former Director of Corporate Marketing
  • Martha Lodge

  • Steve Masterson
    Waste Masters Solutions
  • Tom McGivney
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Kate Morgner
    Marketing Director
    The Alias Group
  • Melissa Moss
    Corporate Sales Lead
    The Alias Group
  • Erin Mulrooney
    Digital Media Director
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Stephanie O'Rourke
    Social Media Strategist
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Jeff Palady
    President and co-owner
    Budget Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
  • Mike Patterson
    President and CEO
    The Alias Group
  • Emily Pereira
    Manager, Training Design and Talent Development
    Pinnacle Group
  • Myrian Peréz
    Senior Wealth Relationship Manager
    Wilmington Trust
  • Paul Pomeroy
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Beth Pomper
    Export Delaware
  • AJ Rahman
    Audio Video Business Development
    Assurance Media
  • Patricia Rivera

  • Robin Roberts
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware
  • Edmondo Robinson
    Chief Transformation Officer and Senior Vice President, Consumerism
    Christiana Care Health System
  • Steve Rosen
    Managing Director—Philadelphia
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Anthony Ryan

  • Anahi Santiago
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Christiana Care Health System
  • Danielle Scull
    Marketing Coordinator
    Assurance Media, LLC
  • Jeremy Shackleford

  • Michael Sicuranza
    President and Sr. Financial Advisor
    Affinity Wealth Management LLC
  • Neil Stalter
    Investment Advisor
    Diamond State Financial Group
  • Maria Stearns
    Healthcare Division Director
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Steve Torpey
    Stanley's Tavern
  • Jason Trojanowski
    Digital Creative Director
    Aloysius Butler & Clark
  • Jim Walsh
    pastoral counselor
  • Taylor Watkins
    Advertising Manager
    Hockessin Athletic Club
  • Robert Watson

  • Polly Weir
    Director of Conference and Event Services
    University of Delaware
  • Matthew Welding
    Vice President
    CBM Insurance
  • John Wellons
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware
  • John Williams