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Toby Guinn Sr.

  • Automated Payments: A Proven Way to Trim Costs and Soothe the Burn of Inflation

    Denial is not an option for any CEO, so let’s face facts: Inflation of the sort not seen in decades shows no signs of slowing. As a CEO, giving up is not in the manual. And your customers might not be prepared to simply pay higher and higher prices—high unemployment rates and stagnant wages are […]
  • Cash Flow Is the Only Way to Fight Inflation

    Inflation Is Affecting Everyone. Here’s Why Cash Flow Is the Greatest Antidote. The business community hasn’t yet moved beyond the pandemic, and now inflation is taking a staggering toll on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Thanks to rising costs, more SMBs have raised prices this year than in any other since 1974, scrambling to offset […]

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