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Taylor Goebel

  • Proposal would expand state scholarships for retraining

    DOVER – Delaware lawmakers are pushing to expand scholarship eligibility with a new bill aimed at helping residents who remain jobless more than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Senate Bill 12 would broaden eligibility requirements of the state’s existing Student Excellence Equals Degree program, which is currently limited to recent high school graduates […]
  • Recreational pot bill advances as employers voice concerns

    DOVER – A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Delaware cleared the House Health & Human Development Committee on Wednesday, after business advocates and medical marijuana experts voiced their concerns during a nearly four-hour public meeting. The committee’s vote marks the first step in a long journey for House Bill 150, which would allow adults […]
  • Delaware Senate approves minimum wage hike

    DOVER – Delaware is one step closer to raising its hourly minimum wage to $15 by 2025, after the State Senate approved Senate Bill 15 on Thursday afternoon, one day after the Senate Labor Committee cleared the bill following an hours-long public hearing.  All 14 Senate Democrats voted for the bill, with some like Sen. […]
  • Renewed $15 wage push draws business concern

    DOVER – Delaware lawmakers are again pushing to increase the state minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, a move that private sector leaders say will hurt already struggling businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. State Sen. Jack Walsh (D-Stanton) introduced the bill March 9, the same week Delaware hit the one-year mark of coronavirus […]
  • Delaware legislature to consider tipped wage changes

    Some Delaware lawmakers are pushing to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers by nearly 270%, but restaurant owners and servers say that increase could have unintended and devastating effects on an industry still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. House Bill 94, sponsored by Rep. Kim Williams (D-Newport), would raise Delaware’s hourly rate for tipped […]
  • Paid leave expansion headed for Delaware debate

    Democratic state lawmakers will soon introduce a bill requiring Delaware businesses to provide paid family and medical leave to their workers, a potentially tough sell in a state known for its business-friendly practices. Sponsors of the paid leave bill, which hasn’t been finalized, want Delaware employees to have up to 12 weeks off per year […]