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  • New Jersey County Offers Unique Ecosystem for Life Sciences Industry

    Already home to some of the top life sciences companies in the world, Middlesex County, New Jersey offers a uniquely supportive environment for established, emerging, and startup life sciences businesses. Specifically, the County understands talented employees are the backbone of any successful organization. They bring a diverse range of skills, experience, and perspectives that inspires […]
  • Understanding the Stages of Dementia

    Realizing that someone you love dearly is no longer able to take care of themselves because of declining cognitive abilities can be heartbreaking. Dementia may impact your parent, grandparent, spouse, or another person who has been significant in your life. Caring for a loved one who is living with dementia comes with unique challenges, and […]
  • Why are Life Sciences Companies Flocking to Middlesex County, NJ?

    A growing hub for innovation continues to attract cutting-edge businesses and talent At a time when the world is facing economic uncertainty, Middlesex County, NJ is moving decisively ahead with its economic development plans for 2021 and beyond.  The County’s strong AAA bond rating, serving as an unparalleled cornerstone of assurance for businesses and residents, […]
  • CBM Insurance Agency acquires IFS of Delaware

    Effective Jan. 1, CBM Insurance Agency LLC, of New Castle, is pleased to announce their acquisition of the Wilmington-based insurance brokerage Insurance & Financial Services Ltd. of Delaware (IFS). Through this acquisition, CBM will acquire all 15 current IFS employees, their insurance company contracts, and current clients. The combined agency will employ about 40 people. […]
  • Tips to stay connected with seniors in the new year

    As we leave behind a difficult year and enter an equally uncertain one, many of us are feeling complicated emotions. Worry, fatigue, and even hope for the future are all common reactions as we move forward. However, for the elderly in our lives, one emotion may be more heightened than others in the new year—loneliness. […]
  • How to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

    It’s no secret that we’ve all seen obstacles throughout the year 2020. So what can we expect from this year’s Halloween celebration on Saturday, October 31? Now that the coronavirus is serving as the big bad monster, are kids going to be knocking on your door trick or treating? Concerned parents should limit packs to […]
  • In these uncertain times, investors find precious confidence with FideliTrade

    The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world’s economy as we knew it.  Stock and bond markets have become increasingly volatile, and investors are rethinking their investment strategies.  One investment class gaining greater attention is precious metals — gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion.  And, one company seeing explosive business sales volumes is FideliTrade Incorporated. “Economic […]
  • Technology Can Help Seniors Battle Loneliness Now, More Than Ever

    Feelings of isolation are common, but there are ways to feel more connected In a time when nearly everyone is experiencing some feelings of loneliness and isolation, it’s important to remember that these feelings can be amplified among the older members of society. As we age, the deaths of friends and family members, declines in […]
  • Think it’s Depression? It could be Dementia

    As we age, we often become more forgetful. While we understand that this is just a normal part of getting older, some fear that forgetfulness is the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. However, depression in seniors is steadily growing, which can lead to forgetfulness, confusion and other symptoms that […]
  • Winter Safety for Seniors

    The winter months can be quite difficult for our older friends and loved ones, with colder temperatures, icy conditions and wintertime illnesses posing the greatest threats to their safety.