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Sheila Bravo

President & CEO, Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement

  • When Business and Nonprofits Partner, Communities Thrive

    By Shelia Bravo Businesses and nonprofits are both integral parts of our communities. Businesses provide the public with needs and services that make communities attractive places to live and raise families. Nonprofits add to those communities by contributing to the local economy in ways businesses do not and filling in the gaps where private industry […]
  • What was a defining factor in navigating COVID-19 for nonprofits?

    Collaboration. Plain and simple. Leaning in, linking arms, and rising together. That is what I did with my counterparts Stu Comstock-Gay at Delaware Community Foundation, Cynthia Pritchard from Philanthropy Delaware, and Michelle Taylor of United Way of Delaware. While we all support the nonprofit sector, we do so from very different lanes. Yet, when COVID-19 […]