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Sam Waltz

  • While difficult today, consider a post-pandemic rainy-day strategy

    By Sam Waltz Lessons are abundant from the pandemic for entrepreneurs and small business owners. But the first one, the most fundamental one, it seems to me is the one that most could have learned in the cradle, from Depression-raised parents, or grandparents. Frankly, for many of us, it became an 11th Commandment, one that […]
  • C.S. Lewis Meme & Coronavirus: Life Seems to Have Changed

    Clive Staples “C.S” Lewis (1898- 1963) was a British writer and lay theologian whose work seems to have become “the Meme of the Hour” in this year’s epochal transition in American life. Today, as Delaware and the rest of the country contemplates “reopening” while the risk of the Coronavirus remains, it seems even more poignant. […]
  • Here’s what I love about annual economic forecasts

    Three “big ideas” about the 2020 economy emerged from five economist and business presentations in Delaware in recent weeks. 1. Expect the robust equities market performance to continue, and, no, the public equities market is not yet “overheated” or overvalued. 2. Little reason exists to be concerned about a rebound in interest rates that would […]
  • Sam Waltz: Delaware has a date with SCOTUS

    It may seem arcane, technical and obscure. Even political. But Case #19-309, Governor of Delaware v. James R. Adams, which will be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) next month, could have one of the biggest impacts in years on the Delaware economy. At stake is one of Delaware’s most important […]
  • Why wait to speculate on Carney’s eventual successor?

    Who will be Delaware’s next governor? No, not in 2021 from the 2020 elections. Rather in 2025, from the 2024 elections! Little reason exists now to believe that Gov. John Carney will face serious opposition from either the Republicans or within his own party. Carney reportedly does face some of the carping from within his […]
  • Economic development in Delaware ‘like kissing your sister’

    Economic development in Delaware entering 2020 seems a lot like that old phrase ““ around since 1892 ““ “like kissing your sister.” I won’t try to define the phrase ““ just Google it ““ but suffice it to say that it describes the results of a category of endeavor that exists, perfunctory, and not very […]
  • LaVerne Harmon’s book on leadership gets to the heart of the matter

    Stephen Covey for decades has been one of my favorite business authors and his “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” (1989) remains a timeless classic for businesspeople and leaders. I love all the Covey habits, but, at year-end, often a time for reflection, it’s good to take note of No. 7: “Sharpen the Saw.” […]
  • Attitude of gratitude should be part of the upcoming holiday season

    “Seasonal columns” are pillars of the columnist’s craft, but I confess to having only two. One is baseball spring training, and the annual rite of spring “renewal of hope” for one’s favorite team. Thanksgiving gratitude, of course, is the other. The spirit of gratitude is an undervalued and unappreciated social value in our society. Opening […]
  • ‘Brip’ du Pont: A life of service worthy of recognition

    Few people deserve recognition in the “over 80” category being saluted in this issue of the Delaware Business Times more than Irénée “Brip” du Pont Jr. And yet you won’t find his name in there. From what I understand, he withdrew from consideration late in the process because he didn’t want the recognition at this […]
  • Would more public funding for schools drive higher GDP?

    It was an unusual message for this group to hear, a blend of libertarians, free-enterprisers and outright conservatives. At its 11th annual dinner on Oct. 15, members and leaders of the Caesar Rodney Institute, Delaware’s free enterprise think tank, heard renowned Stanford economics professor Eric Hanushek of the Hoover Institution make the case that increased […]