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Polly Weir

Director of Conference and Event Services , University of Delaware


Polly Weir is the Director of Conference and Event Services at the University of Delaware. She is also an adjunct professor in the Hospitality Business Management program and a fitness instructor for Employee Health and Wellbeing at UD. She and her team of talented event professionals manage conferences and events on campus. UD Conference and Event Services not only plans events for the UD community, but it also welcomes local businesses, associations, and organizations to campus by providing top-notch service in a unique environment.

  • A University Campus Adds Prestige and Flexibility to Multi-Day Meetings

    Universities are an untapped resource that many planners tend to overlook when searching for a venue. Something that differentiates a University environment from traditional conference and event locations is that it offers a variety of venues together in a central location. Universities invest heavily in their amenities – a must to attract and retain students. For corporate clients, this […]
  • Moving Meetings Forward With Virtual Meeting Coordination Services

    They’re valuable. They’re essential. Time to level up your meetings. I think it’s safe to say that, by now, nearly everyone has experienced a virtual meeting. And many businesses will attend, for the first time, one of their industry’s conferences in a virtual environment. These past few months have been a real test for the virtual meeting platform – […]
  • How to Make the Best of Your Virtual Meetings

    It’s an overstatement to say that we’ve all been impacted by this virus and we are all trying to carve new routines…including (and maybe especially) our UD Conference and Event Services team. After all – we’re in the meeting and event business. So, now that the initial jolt into a new reality has settled in, […]
  • Mix Up Your Meetings And Make Them More Productive

    Let’s face it, meetings can be dull and uninspiring. In our 30 years of experience, we’ve seen plenty of glazed-over eyes at our conference venues. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! We have three ideas that can dynamically reinvigorate your workplace congregations. The following trends are science-based and have proven to help combat […]
  • Conferences (and Events) On Campus: Is It For You?

    For decades, hotels have been the go-to setting for conferences and events. Fortunately, as professional culture continues to change, better options h

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