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Neil Stalter

Investment Advisor, Diamond State Financial Group

  • Your Business Is a Tool

    How do you view your business? Is it a job or an investment? How you answer that question will help determine how you can use your business as a tool. To determine whether your business is a job or an investment, think about whether you work for the business or if it works for you. […]
  • Succession Planning

    Fact: You will exit your business. Question: Will it be voluntary or involuntary? Let’s face it, everyone exits their business one day. The goal is to exit on your terms. That’s why succession planning is critical. Exiting your business is a process, not an event. The process starts with defining your goals. When do you […]
  • What is Your Business Worth?

    It’s a good question with no easy answer.  Court opinions use the concept of a voluntary exchange to determine value. Your business is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. As a business owner trying to plan for your future, that’s not enough. Often, the bulk of a business owner’s net worth is […]

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