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Matt Ward

  • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

    Delawareans know the greatest way to drive a growing innovation economy, is to make sure everyone is present at the table.
  • Delaware’s Growing Fintech Sector

    “Fintech” means, simply, “financial services that are delivered through technology.” It includes online banking, machine learning and artificial intelligence in financial settings, even cryptocurrency. For investors, innovators and consumers, it spells not just easier access to capital but it is, many say, also lowering the barriers to entry for new businesses. As America’s credit card […]
  • Q&A: John Collins discusses Delaware’s Fintech Future

    John Collins has been a radio reporter, a staffer in the U.S. Senate and a policy and external affairs expert at Coinbase and the American Bankers Association. Now, he runs the U.S. office for Red Flag Consulting, helps lead the digital finance center at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center and – along with Meghan Wallace, a […]
  • Q&A: John Kelly has Advice for Delaware’s Startups

    Jim Kelly is a pioneer of internet banking. In 2000, he arrived in Wilmington to start ING Direct; after 12 years, Capital One bought ING, with Kelly staying on as executive vice president for direct banking. In 2016, he retired from Capital One, and since then, he’s been advising and investing in startup companies. Q: […]
  • Lyapunov Technologies to Provide Automated Risk Management

    In early February, when the stock market hit a brick wall, University of Delaware graduate students Anthony Rossi and Duanyi Wei watched to see how their model would respond. Built on robotics engineering principles – a new field, when applied to financial markets – the model worked: the output shifted from bull to bear, accurately […]
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. Wants the Best Tech Talent

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the biggest bank in America, and it employs 10,000 people here in Delaware – more than 2,400 of them at the Delaware Technology Center just north of Wilmington. The thoroughly modern center, with its sleek spaces and massive array of rooftop solar panels, explains JPMorgan’s Tom Horne, helps the bank […]
  • Delaware Board of Trade Holdings Opened their own Exchange

    The Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT), based at Hercules Plaza in Wilmington, operates as a fully automated, auto-execution online trading platform. Founded in part on a $3 million loan from the New Castle County government, the firm is bringing new technologies, like blockchain and crowdfunding, to an existing market. “We’re specifically focused on equities in […]
  • Q&A: Produce Marketing Association CEO Cathy Burns

    The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) is a global trade association representing the fresh produce and floral supply chains. Founded in 1949, the organization is based in Newark (55 of its 87 employees are in Delaware), but it has a truly global footprint, with members in more than 40 countries, including China, Chile, South Africa, Brazil […]
  • A decade of change has brought Allen Harim to the top

    Back in 2011, Allen Family Foods went through bankruptcy and was purchased by the Harim Group, based in South Korea. In 2014, the firm rebranded as Allen Harim Foods. In 2016, Joe Moran became CEO. And this year, the nearly 100-year-old poultry producer is making more moves. “We’re in a growth mode right now,” Moran […]
  • Delaware’s agribusiness is big business

    Agriculture — from farming to food production — has long been a mainstay of Delaware’s economy. It’s the state’s single largest land use, with just under 40 percent of land devoted to agricultural production. And thanks to support from Delaware’s solid research infrastructure, both at the corporate and university level, First State farmers benefit from […]