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Michael Bradley

  • As workforce ages and expands, spotlight turns to the next generation

    Over the past two years, Chris Baker, CEO and president of George & Lynch, an infrastructure contractor in Dover, estimates he has replaced about 25% of his workforce. “That number is all because of an aging workforce,” he says. A recent scan of some labor data for his own company revealed to Baker that in the […]
  • Continuing education is a pursuit employers can get behind

    When Jodie Lockwood would sit down to study while working toward her master’s in nursing, she would often join her two children at the table. It was great to be together, but she had an even greater purpose in mind. “It was a good example for them,” she says. “They could see that even when […]
  • One benefit of a career in skilled trades: Earning while they learn

    Bryon Short has a pretty compelling pitch to parents and students who might think the only path to a successful career is by heading to a four-year college after high school: How great would it be for young people to embark on their employment journeys with a little money in their pockets and without debt? […]
  • Delaware’s vast and lasting contribution to NASA’s 1969 moon landing

    By Michael Bradley Contributing Writer If you happened to drive past the Dover High School football field in 1962, you might have noticed a man dressed in a spacesuit running and throwing a football, while a collection of scientists looked on and scribbled notes.  This wasn’t some kind of prank. It was a test by […]
  • Advances in tech speed up the pace for coaching

    Connie Charles remembers leading a team of 40 engineers about five years ago, all of whom were men. And yet, there was a diversity problem.
  • Innovation Delaware: Information Technology

    Delaware’s IT sector is growing continuously as new companies emerge, supported by a commitment to training young people in the field.  Initiatives like Zip Code Wilmington, OpenBracket and training programs at Delaware Technical Community College are producing talent ready to enter an industry loaded with jobs and opportunities. Meanwhile, incubators such as 1313 Innovation and […]
  • Q&A: Dr. Charlie Wilson discusses DSU bio-science research

    For the past 20 years, Dr. Charlie Wilson has been a faculty member at Delaware State as part of a career that has also included stops at the University of Delaware (1988″“94) and AstraZeneca (’94″“97). A former wrestler and track athlete for the Hornets, Wilson holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from UD. At Delaware […]
  • Q&A: John Koh discusses Delaware Biotechnology Institute

    For the past 22 years, John Koh has been a professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. Since January 2017, he has been the interim director of UD’s Delaware Biotechnology Institute – after six years as associate director under Kelvin Lee. The Institute is responsible for helping a variety of constituencies obtain […]
  • ACROBiosystems went from start-up to top producer

    Things have been moving quickly at ACROBiosystems. But while it’s often said that speed comes at the expense of quality, the work being done by the company is decidedly first-rate and ahead of that done by competitors. “In just a short amount of time, we have gone from a startup to being one of the […]
  • DEact wants to keep drugs out of the water supply

    Trevor Brown has no grandiose dreams of solving the nation’s opioid epidemic single-handedly with his company’s drug disposal pouches. Instead, the CEO of DEact Medical Solutions is interested in being part of a broad-based approach to ending the deaths and addiction. As his company moves into its second year of existence, that vision is getting […]