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Kim Hoey

  • What’s the Plan? A Roadmap for New High School Grads

    College is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean those who skip it don’t get a bright future. There are plenty of resources to help. High school graduates don’t have […]
  • Adult in Search of New Skills? These Training Providers Can Help

    Cynthia Kastel, of New Castle, was a stay-at-home mom. Owen Kamin, of Georgetown, had a career in HVAC ahead of him. . What do they have in common? They both […]
  • STARTUP302: Giving Underrepresented Founders a Chance to Shine

    Irene Rombel knows a lot about artificial intelligence, cells and gene therapy. In fact, she could talk about them all day. The trouble is, people who haven’t studied biochemistry and […]
  • MACH2 Partnership: Working to Advance a Future Run by Hydrogen

    Hydrogen has the potential to be the non-polluting fuel of the future. It’s the most abundant element on the planet. A kilogram of hydrogen has as much energy as a […]
  • Delaware’s Small Size Makes It Easy to Get Business Done

    When Greg Plum decided to learn about the business and tech industry in Delaware, he started with a phone call. “In Delaware, you are basically two phone calls or emails […]
  • Mythbusters: Myths in Trades

    Take a closer look at the myths that might be keeping you from a career in the trades. The average age for more trade workers, also known as blue-collar workers, […]
  • The Thing About Apprenticeships

    ‘The other four-year degree’ offers a career start without debt. Nearly 70% of Americans do not have college degrees, according to The Poynter Institute. “So you have a load of […]
  • The Mill

    ‘A very flexible model’ for innovators. A lawyer, a coder, a banker and a mom walk into a building. It’s not the opening of a joke – just an average […]
  • Emerging Enterprise Center

    Pitch competition rewards next generation of innovators. Jayvon Fairman-Davis is living his dream: teaching kids chess as a full-time occupation. He has a bunch of sharks to thank for it. […]
  • Delaware Technology Park

    An entrepreneurial hub with a long tradition of success. People might have left their offices during the pandemic, but they didn’t leave their labs. In fact, they flocked to them. […]

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