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Kathy Canavan

  • Indie bookstores find way to thrive despite you-know-who

    The website for a Bethany Beach bookshop refers to Amazon as “that site that shall not be named.” The conventional wisdom is independent booksellers can’t compete with the world’s largest online retailer with its discounted deals and next-day delivery. The story has a plot twist though. Everyone from the owner of small Claymont bookshop to […]
  • Arts Summit helps artists navigate the business side of their craft

    When the commercial real estate market tanked in 2008, John Donato found himself unemployed. He had to replace his salary pronto, but the only skill he could think of was drawing. “I found myself without a job and with a baby and a wife. My very short-term goal was let’s not lose our house,” he […]
  • Foodscaping is a New Niche for Garden Centers

    Foodscaping has its roots in the square-foot-gardening boom of the late 90s, and grew again as homeowners added edibles to their flower beds to save money.
  • Words of wisdom from Delaware leaders

    By Kathy Canavan  Special to Delaware Business Times Newspaper articles have dubbed Rebecca Byrd a “superstar lobbyist” and “one half of a lobbying powerhouse.” The attorney-lobbyist was born into the business as the daughter of longtime lobbyist Bobby Byrd, and Legislative Hall watchers say she’s a natural. “She’s probably the best lobbyist I’ve ever run […]
  • State’s top 10 real estate deals in 2018

    DuPont Country Club, a roadside attraction and two Greenville shopping centers were among the 10 priciest real estate deals in the first half of 2018, according to CBRE. Many of the out-of-state buyers and international investors who visited Delaware to size up the market asked if there were more properties available, one real estate expert […]
  • 5 tips: Giving older applicants an edge in job interviews

    By Michael Hemphill Guest Columnist 1. If you have gray hair, that’s fine, but you need to have a very good cut and a style that is youthful- looking without being juvenile. You don’t need to color your hair if you have a really good contemporary cut. If you do color your hair as you […]
  • Specializing pays off for these local businesses

    Shattered an heirloom soup tureen? There’s a niche business in Lewes that can put it back together. After all, they restored a bronze bust of Napoleon cast when the emperor was still alive. Dropped a hot pot on your teak kitchen floor? A Newark refinisher may be able to fix the telltale spot without sanding […]
  • Roy Rogers chain may return to Delaware

    Roy Rogers restaurants may return to Delaware, cowpokes. Jim Plamondon, who once chauffeured the cowboy star, bought the Roy brand with his brother Pete in 2002. They want to repopulate Delaware with the stores known for a trio of entrees – burgers, roast beef and fried chicken. The Plamondon Companies, the brothers’ company, is looking […]
  • 2018 Economic Forecast: Real estate & construction

    Things may be looking up in real estate and construction for 2018, depending on which county you’re sitting in. Here are things to watch for in the new year: A mood of renewal Functionally obsolete city buildings are being razed or repurposed, like 1300 Market, the Class B bank building that Cannon Patel transformed into […]
  • There’s one chance Wilmington will keep its book shop

    The Ninth Street Book Shop, the city’s only general interest bookstore, will close January 26, but there’s a chance it will be revived in the spring. A group of investors ““ writers, artists and a professor from the University of Delaware’s satellite city campus ““hopes to find money and a manager so it can reopen […]