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  • A Hub for Science and Technology

    Delaware offers unique opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs State-of-the-art equipment, attractive funding options, space for collaboration and brilliant minds to analyze data — those are just a few of the perks of Delaware’s science and technology scene. More scientists, educators, entrepreneurs and nonprofits are learning that every day.  Delaware is “a great hub for discovery” as […]
  • Viewpoint: Despite a better-than-anticipated 2020, nonprofits need your support

    By Stephanie Cory Guest Columnist With changes to the federal tax code, economic uncertainty and a global pandemic, nonprofit board members and staff were justified in being pessimistic about fundraising in 2020. Surprisingly, however, total giving in the United States grew from $449.64 billion in 2019 to $471.44 billion in 2020, according to Giving USA. […]
  • Viewpoint: Demystifying Delaware’s economic development strategy

    By Kurt Foreman With the Delaware Prosperity Partnership now in its fourth year of operation, we’re seeing growing success in our efforts, but I continue to hear questions about our role and how Delaware stacks up among its competitors. What do economic development professionals do? The DPP team is about being in the right place […]
  • Publisher’s View: Infrastructure investment should be first bipartisan bridge

    By Rob Martinelli On June 16, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) warned congressional Democrats against backing a compromise infrastructure bill that prioritizes bipartisan deal-making over progressive policy outcomes, urging her party to support a more ambitious proposal. On June 25, President Joe Biden suggested he wouldn’t sign the bipartisan bill he negotiated earlier in the week […]
  • Viewpoint: We can’t police our way out of youth gun violence

    By Hanifa Shabazz Guest Colmnist As youth gun violence continues to plague the Black community, it is clear to many of us that the status quo state government and city police responses simply are not working. Tragically, most of the victims and perpetrators are young African-American males from communities in which there have been and […]
  • Viewpoint: Support Delaware’s small businesses as recovery begins

    By Toni Scarlata Guest Columnist In 2019, small and independent craft breweries contributed $430 million to the Delaware state economy. Our state’s breweries make significant contributions to the economy, but due to the pandemic, an astonishing 22% of craft brewers nationwide do not think they will still be operating by the end of 2021.  The […]
  • Viewpoint: On infrastructure, Biden can remind nation he’s from Delaware

    By Ben du Pont & Charlie Oberly Guest Colmniists Every resident of Delaware by now must know the lore. During the more than three decades when President Joe Biden represented our state in the Senate, he maintained a remarkable tradition. Rather than settle in D.C. for the work week after his election in 1972, he […]
  • Publisher’s View: Delaware’s arts will need our help in recovery

    On the surface of it, the CDC’s decision to relax its mask and social-distancing guidelines in May and Gov. Carney’s loosening of state restrictions are great news for Delaware arts organizations (along with many other local businesses). But both decisions come with some concerns. Jessica Ball and Arreon Harley-Emerson — the executive director and president, […]
  • Viewpoint: Continuing an American tradition of community, arts

    While the transition of the Freeman Stage into the Freeman Arts Pavilion is shaping the future of one of Delaware’s premiere public charity performing arts venues, it is also the continuation of an American cultural tradition dating back more than 150 years. In the second half of the 19th century, almost every American town of […]
  • VIEWPOINT: Together we can do more to meet statewide housing needs

    It has been more than a year since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and First State residents are starting to emerge from the crisis and adapt to the new normal. For many, though, there are still concerns around unemployment, food insecurity, and housing issues like foreclosures and evictions. In March we joined the Delaware State […]