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  • Paid leave expansion headed for Delaware debate

    Democratic state lawmakers will soon introduce a bill requiring Delaware businesses to provide paid family and medical leave to their workers, a potentially tough sell in a state known for its business-friendly practices. Sponsors of the paid leave bill, which hasn’t been finalized, want Delaware employees to have up to 12 weeks off per year […]
  • VIEWPOINT: What employers need to know about mandatory vaccine policies

    By Jennifer Gimler Brady & Jennifer Penberthy Buckley Guest Columnists A question we increasingly hear from clients is whether employers can require that employees get the COVID-19 vaccine. And no wonder. The pandemic may be far from over, but pandemic fatigue has long since set in, and everyone wants to get back to normal. Could […]
  • VIEWPOINT: Delaware can be home to future dream-makers

    By Gloria Ruci Guest Columnist When I first graduated from the University of Delaware almost four years ago, I was drawn to the shimmering illusion that a city job, such as working in Philadelphia or New York City, would solve all of my problems at the time. I’m here to tell you that is a […]
  • Viewpoint: How leaders can support Black empowerment during Black History Month

    By Atnre Alleyne Guest Columnist To celebrate the start of Black History Month, I recently posted one of my most treasured pictures on social media: A picture of me and my parents at our home in South Jersey with civil rights leader Kwame Ture (aka Stokely Carmichael). Ture once said, “What the liberal really wants […]
  • Viewpoint: The governor’s budget kicks the can

    By Zoe Calloway Guest Columnist Gov. John Carney announced his proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget of $4.7 billion last month, a 3.5% increase from Fiscal Year 2021. Although this meets the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) benchmark and replenishes reserve funds used during the pandemic, it also continues to kick the can […]
  • Viewpoint: You don’t have to fear or dread virtual events

    On March 17, The New York Times published its most prescient headline of the year: “We Live in Zoom Now.” That Brady-Bunch-style Zoom box is where we work, where we learn, where we socialize … and we hate it. I know we hate it, because every time a client comes to us with an idea […]
  • Viewpoint: A skilled tech talent flood is hitting the market – be prepared

    By Patrick Callihan Guest Columnist Forward Delaware, a program developed by the Delaware Department of Labor and the Workforce Investment Board, is creating a competitive advantage for our state by investing in building a diverse talent pool for the most in-demand careers, including information technology (IT). And a flood of that skilled talent is about to […]
  • DBT40 Honoree: Doug Williams

    Position: Site Director Employer: Adesis Inc. Age: 39 As a site director for Adesis Inc., Doug Williams is used to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Early in his career as a chemist, Williams solved a number of synthetic chemistry challenges which led to the preparation of compounds, some of which have gone on to […]
  • DBT40 Honoree: Morgan Whalen

    Position: Area Director of Sales and Marketing Employer: Marriott’s Fairfield Inn/Residence Inn at Rehoboth Beach Age: 35 The oldest of four children, Morgan Whalen has been a leader ever since her siblings were born. Working as the area director of sales for Marriott’s Fairfield Inn and Residence Inn at Rehoboth Beach, Whalen works with feeder […]
  • DBT40 Honoree: Hank Weaver

    Position: Analytics & Reporting Executive Employer: Bank of America Age: 39 Hank Weaver started working at Bank of America when he was 15 years old with high school working papers, and he secured a full-time job as a collector after graduating from the University of Delaware. About 20 years and more than 10 different roles […]