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  • Viewpoint: Building the infrastructure for growth, opportunity

    By Ayanna Khan Guest Columnist The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated Delaware’s economy, and Black-owned businesses have been among the hardest hit. Nationwide, 57% of Black small business owners have closed down following the pandemic.  Many of these struggling business owners cheered last month as Congress passed the American Rescue Plan – the largest and most […]
  • Viewpoint: Despite political rhetoric, data shows $15 will hurt local families 

    By Bryan Shupe Currently still in the midst of a pandemic, our families and family-owned businesses are struggling to survive. National campaigns have told us, without listening to local needs of our people or businesses, that the economy will prosper if only our local businesses would pay people more. Interesting enough, large multi-national corporations agree […]
  • Viewpoint: Spent wisely, Biden’s stimulus can revitalize Delaware’s infrastructure

    By Brian Bolender Guest Columnist Fresh off the success of passing the landmark $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (ARP), President Biden recently rolled out an even more ambitious follow-up act: a $2 trillion proposal to rebuild America’s infrastructure. The ARP commits more than $1.3 billion to Delaware, which can be used for water, sewer, and […]
  • VIEWPOINT: Delaware can increase opportunity with Clean Slate Act

    By State Sen. Darius Brown and Tom Horne Imagine if your whole life was defined by your worst mistake – a lapse in judgement that prevented you from providing for your family. The chance to get a job, find a place to live or access capital to start a small business can be slim to […]
  • Viewpoint: A beloved coastal gem presses play on 2021 season

    By Lauren Weaver and Drexel Davison We all remember our first time! Most of us can remember the first time we experienced a live performance. Maybe it was the beat of the bass drums as we stood hip-high to our parents along the parade route, the brass almost frightening to our young ears. Or perhaps it was the […]
  • Viewpoint: Delaware Senate is advancing legislation to lift up working families

    By Sens. David Sokola, Bryan Townsend and Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman Over the last year, Delawareans have been tested like never before. The pandemic has cost us lives and livelihoods. It’s kept us from our loved ones, ravaged our economy, and laid bare deep-rooted fault lines across our society. In a state of neighbors like ours, […]
  • Viewpoint: Earth Day in Delaware 2021

    By State Senator Stephanie Hansen Guest Columnist Picking one important issue to highlight on Earth Day is almost impossible because all environmental issues are so inter-related.  As Chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, I have the privilege of bringing together the public and experts to craft policies that address both our energy demand […]
  • Publisher’s View: Recreational marijuana risks warrant greater caution

    By Rob Martinelli I have never bought into the argument that something is OK just because everyone else is doing it.  Thirty-five states including Delaware have now approved medical-marijuana use, but less than half (including Washington, D.C.) have approved recreational use. I believe the Delaware legislature is not looking closely enough at the harmful side […]
  • Viewpoint: Analytics complement passion for venture capitalists

    By David LaRoche Guest Columnist As important as timing and luck are for entrepreneurs hoping to grow their small enterprise into a Wall Street darling, entrepreneurs with good ideas often fail to raise money from venture capitalists because they don’t sufficiently integrate data and analytics into their plans. Based on our experience, most venture capitalists […]
  • Viewpoint: Workers, voters, and economists agree: it’s time for a $15/hour minimum wage in Delaware

    By Sen. Jack Walsh Last month, I introduced a bill in the Delaware General Assembly to gradually raise our state’s minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour – legislation supported by every Democrat in the State Senate. We’ve already seen pushback from corporate special interests and their lobbyists, whose job is to fight any wage […]