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Dan Linehan

  • Companies looking for technologists are finding them in different places

    Two years ago, future software developer Jonathan Hinds was earning minimum wage as a line cook. He had recently moved to Delaware from Maryland, where he was attending college, but had to drop out because he couldn’t afford the out-of-state tuition. That fall, he took a free 16-week course called ITWorks, which prepares young people […]
  • Apprenticeships in the trades: Off the treadmill and onto the track

    When he started as a freshman at Hodgson Vocational Technical High School in Glasgow, Dietrich Yontz planned to work on cars. That changed the first time he wired up a light switch. “For whatever reason, everything in that shop made sense and was easy to me,” he says. During the summer before his senior year, […]
  • Delaware assembles high-tech economy, one startup at a time

    Delaware’s aspirations for its high-tech economy are crystallized in people like Yushan Yan. He’s an entrepreneur and University of Delaware professor who is trying to solve a problem with hydrogen fuel cells. Yan and his seven-member team aren’t tweaking the effectiveness of the cells. They’re tackling something far more important: their price. The current generation of […]
  • Newark biotech firm harnesses bacteria for salmon superfood

    At a facility in Nebraska, White Dog Labs‘ massive fermenters will soon hold bacteria by the ton, each of which will be busily converting sugar into more of themselves. After being dried out and filtered, the bacteria will be a protein-rich food source with a salty, mildly buttery taste. “It’s actually pretty good on popcorn,” […]
  • AutoPort makes Wilmington a vehicle shipping hub

    At the Port of Wilmington, Camaros, Equinoxes, and other brand-new vehicles roll off rail cars for their first stop on a journey that will take many of them to the Middle East. Nearby, in vehicle-processing garages, new vans are being outfitted with shelving for future lives as work vans for tradespeople. More substantial work is […]
  • Wilmington Airport makes the case to recapture passenger flights

    ‘A matter of time’ before air service returns to Delaware In the past two decades, four airlines have come and gone from Wilmington Airport. Together, these airlines ran scheduled passenger air service for about four of the last 20 years. The mercurial nature of this service is hardly unique to Wilmington; dozens of cities of […]
  • Delaware builds apprenticeships inside the trades and out

    Though Delaware has long had an apprentice program, its importance has risen as the unemployment rate dropped.
  • Changes give Sussex chicken growers a lot to cluck about

    Poultry industry adapts to changing consumer demands The traditions of the poultry industry in Sussex County might feel timeless, but the industry continues to face its share of new challenges. Consumers are increasingly demanding chickens raised without antibiotics and with organic feed. A tight labor market is raising wages and requiring processors to offer perks […]
  • Perdue treads lightly but leaves deep impressions

    Although Perdue leaves a considerable economic footprint on the state, it’s not the most visible company even in the Sussex County cities it has transformed.  Drive through Milford or Georgetown, and you might not know Perdue is there unless you drive by one of the plants. It’s not the kind of industry to offer tours. […]
  • Wilmington’s LED transition is a first step to a smart city

    On the surface, a project to replace 215 Wilmington streetlights with LED lighting is a first step toward next-generation energy efficiency.  But this celebrated technology upgrade signals a bigger potential change for Delaware cities. First, the new lights will be tied together into a network, allowing the power company to adjust them from a central […]

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