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Empower, Eliminate, Revolutionize

Logan Herring, CEO of REACH Riverside, Kingswood Community Center & The Warehouse

Raised in Wilmington’s West Center City neighborhood, Logan knows that other people helped guide him to success, and his goal is to pay it forward. Logan started his work in the Riverside neighborhood of Wilmington in 2016 as the executive director for Kingswood, which includes an early learning academy and senior center.

REACH Riverside is a nonprofit community development corporation leading a $250 Million revitalization of the Riverside neighborhood. REACH and Kingswood are working in partnership with The Warehouse, a co-working facility and network for 150 teen-serving organizations designed to address violence, academic performance, and workforce readiness amongst Wilmington’s youth.

Do Something To Change Something

If you want to change things or make a difference, you have to do something that is different. Be intentional. Identify what it is that you want to see improved or changed. How can you help or get involved? Your optimism will not go unnoticed and is a step in the right direction toward positive change.

The Next Generation

You are the next generation of young professionals who are dedicated and ready to engage in your new career with new, fresh ideas and perspectives. The same way you were included, you should also do the same for the next generation after you. It is an endless cycle of teamwork and networking. You can encourage the next generation to stay positive and prepare them for the working world.

Mental Health Is A Must

Your mental health impacts you every day, including work. If your mental health is poor, your productivity and ability to focus is low. Take time for you. It is okay to take some time to recoup or reset. In order to be the best you, you have to take care of yourself first.

Empower The Community

Your community can be anyone: your family, work team, or the community you are looking to make a difference in. Always look for ways to help make them confident and stronger within themselves. What is reflected and changed on the inside will also make a difference on the outside.

History Will Not Repeat Itself

Regardless of the previous person who was in the role you are in now, history will not repeat itself. You were chosen to be in this role for a reason. Your enthusiasm and bold and fresh ideas will help drive the transformation of your role into the right direction.

Every Day Is Thanksgiving

It is OK to not know everything. We all cannot be experts at everything. Make connections with those who can do what you cannot. Just like at Thanksgiving, if everyone brings the dish that they make best to the table, there will be plenty of leftovers for everyone to enjoy.

Always Shoot Your Shot

You never know what you can or cannot have if you do not ask or put yourself out there. Change the saying from “If it is meant to be, it will happen” to “It is meant to be, it’s because I made it happen.” The worst someone can do is say no, but with that, learn why it did not work out, and try again.

Do Not Let ‘Barriers’ Define You

Your barriers can be anything: race, age, gender, fear, negativity. It is important to work through your barriers. Not only do they not define you and the great work that you can accomplish, but as you overcome each barrier you will begin to see what you are truly capable of and what you can achieve. Be confident in your abilities to do the job you were called to do.

Do You Have A Mentor?

A mentor is ideally older with more experience within your industry, who is respected and has influence. Depending on the relationship or connection, your mentor should be someone who listens to you and allows you to ask even the silliest of career-related questions to help you gain a better understanding. A mentor is also someone who can advocate for you and challenge you to be better.

Manage Your Time

You will find some of your days can get away from you and your to-do list is partially complete. It is important to manage your time. Keep your calendar(s) up to date. In addition to your meetings, work events, and appointments, it is good practice to also schedule time to do research, tackle your growing inbox, gym time and other things you do not think take up a lot of time.

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