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Sam Waltz

  • Waltz: A new Sen. McBride will change face of Del. politics

    Three outcomes from the 2020 Delaware primary election that jumped out at me  – based on nearly a half century of covering and writing about Delaware politics – appear not to have seemed obvious in the initial rounds of press coverage. A new Sen. McBride I’ve not met Sarah McBride, an activist who won her […]
  • Waltz: Party conventions end quiet before the November storm

    Sommerloch – the word my Waltz family German ancestors applied to that fading end-of-summer quiet(er) period, translated literally as “summer hole” – is upon us. The lull before the storm. But quite a storm it will be this fall, even without precedent, with Delaware’s own “favorite son” Joe Biden set in a unique pandemic universe […]
  • Can you reduce workplace risk to a mathematical equation?

    By Sam Waltz So, what’s the role of Risk in the workplace? What’s your Risk Quotient (RQ)? And what’s the Hazard (H) where you work? RQ and H each enjoy the privilege of being both technical, specific concepts, defined by particular industries, as well as general concepts. Here, I use them in a general, not […]
  • Sam Waltz: Gov. Carney should be focused on importing more New Yorkers

    The Chinese word for “crisis“ is, in Western popular culture is frequently said to be composed of two Chinese characters signifying “danger“ and “opportunity“. Combine that with what your mother counseled you – “try making lemons into lemonade” – and you will understand where I’m headed. The real questions Delaware business and civic leaders should […]
  • Sam Waltz: WDEL’s Allan Loudell will be missed 

    By Sam Waltz “Hail and Farewell” is not what we do in this column, at least usually. In a microstate that stands out for its smallness and provincialism, Delaware stands out for some real giants of journalism. We buried one last week, Allan Loudell, who had distinguished himself in radio journalism and built a unique following since his […]
  • Sam Waltz: SBGC legal services grow in importance

    By Sam Waltz Our First State of Delaware, of course, is well known and globally regarded for the epic sweep of our bench and our bar (i.e., our legal industry, not only in our state courts but as well in federal matters. Cases like TransPerfect in its Chancery Court battles grab the headlines for the million-dollar […]
  • While difficult today, consider a post-pandemic rainy-day strategy

    By Sam Waltz Lessons are abundant from the pandemic for entrepreneurs and small business owners. But the first one, the most fundamental one, it seems to me is the one that most could have learned in the cradle, from Depression-raised parents, or grandparents. Frankly, for many of us, it became an 11th Commandment, one that […]
  • C.S. Lewis Meme & Coronavirus: Life Seems to Have Changed

    Clive Staples “C.S” Lewis (1898- 1963) was a British writer and lay theologian whose work seems to have become “the Meme of the Hour” in this year’s epochal transition in American life. Today, as Delaware and the rest of the country contemplates “reopening” while the risk of the Coronavirus remains, it seems even more poignant. […]
  • Here’s what I love about annual economic forecasts

    Three “big ideas” about the 2020 economy emerged from five economist and business presentations in Delaware in recent weeks. 1. Expect the robust equities market performance to continue, and, no, the public equities market is not yet “overheated” or overvalued. 2. Little reason exists to be concerned about a rebound in interest rates that would […]
  • Sam Waltz: Delaware has a date with SCOTUS

    It may seem arcane, technical and obscure. Even political. But Case #19-309, Governor of Delaware v. James R. Adams, which will be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) next month, could have one of the biggest impacts in years on the Delaware economy. At stake is one of Delaware’s most important […]

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