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Mike Patterson

President and CEO, The Alias Group


Mike Patterson is the President and CEO of The Alias Group, a company devoted to helping businesses grow through inside sales and digital marketing. The company has been active for more than 25 years and works to bring customized, individual sales and marketing solutions to clients and continues to emphasize growth on both sides of their company/client relationship.

  • Does Your Company Have an Identity Crisis?

    A company’s brand is perhaps the strongest customer-facing symbol of its value and mission. A strong brand also achieves two more goals: 1) It portr
  • Let Go to Grow

    At a recent Thursday afternoon yoga class at The Alias Group’s Wellness Center, our yoga instructor Alyson urged everyone to practice deep breathing
  • Complacency Can Erase Your Business’s Progress. Don’t Let It

    Competition in the business world is a powerful force. Business leaders and sales people worldwide compete on the corporate battlefield every day: fig
  • Eliminate the Generation Gap

    While managing multi-generational employees in the workplace presents the challenges discussed in last month’s piece, it also offers opportunities t
  • Next Gen Culture

     Here are some troubling US economic trends that will impact every business:* People are living longer due to advances in health and medicine.* C
  • The X Factor for Small Business

    Often, business owners and leaders put significant focus on the outward, customer facing aspects of their business. This attention makes practical sen
  • Is Your Customer Choosing Their Own Adventure?

    In grade school, I was always excited to go to the book fair and buy the newest Choose Your Own Adventure book. You remember those, right? At the end

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